The NAMAKA Concept

Inspired by the timeless and dazzling French Riviera, the NAMAKA concept creates a refined and contemporary atmosphere.

A rare essence surrounded by art

The NAMAKA concept is an alternative to industrial and standardised production. NAMAKA creations not only have natural and refined fragrances but are also distinctly original thanks to their exquisite holders. Created by renowned artists, these works of art will also be available in limited editions soon.

 The birth of a unique combination: subtle fragrances and works of art...

We all know the feeling you get when you buy a work of art. Imagine experiencing that feeling day after day thanks to a particular bond that will connect you with your piece. You can now create this link thanks to NAMAKA's fragrances: the link between scent and emotion.

Imagine yourself by a fireside in your living room, study or bedroom where you have placed your NAMAKA creation. You go over to it and remove the extinguisher. This is your first connection!

You strike a match and light the candle. The first coil of smoke unfurls. Your senses awaken while the soothing flame appears inside your objet d'art. This is your second connection!

You feel the fragrance gently filling the room – the olfactory link to your work of art is created.

 Exceptional, vibrant and unique, this link grows stronger and evolves.

To put out the flame, you take your extinguisher and cover it delicately leaving a lasting connection!

Make the most of this moment by letting yourself be surrounded by the NAMAKA fragrance.

 Feel the extraordinary.

You can relive this unique sensory experience as many times as you like and change the ambiance to suit your mood thanks to our refills and a range of different fragrances. For perfect harmony, we also offer you the option of creating your own bespoke fragrance.

The NAMAKA spirit emphasises the rarity and uniqueness of each of these moments.