Bespoke Fragrances

At NAMAKA, we channel our expertise into composing fragrances that reflect your personality using the delicacy of natural materials.


Whether you are a private individual, a brand or a company, the NAMAKA team is at your service to create the perfect fragrance for you.


Discover how to create your olfactory identity.



True to our concept, NAMAKA offers you the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality by creating your own fragrance.

First step:

After getting in touch with us initially to present your idea, we will arrange to come and meet you. This is a stage of discovery, exchange and sharing with the constant presence of our freelance perfumer and essential oils specialist so that we can discern exactly what you're looking for.

Second step:

We begin research and start to produce an olfactory creation that transforms your desires into fragrant notes. A second meeting is then organised during which you will discover the results of this creative process. The creation that enchants you the most out of the three scents presented to you will be yours.

Third step:

Your chosen fragrance will be refined to match the perfume you had in mind and will be produced exclusively for you. Your own unique fragrance.

Please feel free to get in touch and share your ideas for an olfactory creation with us.