Subtle and distinctive fragrances.

The Fragrances

NAMAKA's refined and highly sophisticated fragrances belong to a world of superior perfumes.


Produced exclusively using natural raw materials, NAMAKA's ambient fragrances combine olfactory creation with aromachology, also known as the “science of aromas”. Essential oils, plants and aromas influence your desires and emotions and have a gentle effect on your body as well as your mood.


Discover our fragrances available in a range of vegetable wax candles and diffusers.

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Bespoke Fragrances

At NAMAKA, we channel our expertise into composing fragrances that reflect your personality using the delicacy of natural materials.


Whether you are a private individual, a brand or a company, the NAMAKA team is at your service to create the perfect fragrance for you.


Discover how to create your olfactory identity.



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