Artistic relations
Artist, painter and sculptor

Maguy Delrieux portrait médaillon

Everything is a question of intuition for Marguerite Delrieux. For many years, the financial adviser combined her career with her passion for travelling.

These travels brought nourishment to her soul and as her memories and experiences accumulated, her desire to express them grew. A gifted artist and painter, she left finance and devoted herself completely to her art. Her career evolved gradually and brought her into contact with other artists. Using her subtle artistic style, she focuses on the act of sharing in her works with the intention of connecting people to create a harmonious and beautiful whole.

This is exactly what she has done for NAMAKA. Marguerite Delrieux contributes to the design of original bottles, cases and objects. She stays true to the NAMAKA concept by combining the fragrances with works of art while also respecting the spirit of the individual artist. The overall aim is to communicate the emotion created when all the senses come together thanks to the creation's fragrant touch.

She develops the delicate relationship between the works of art and the fragrances together with the whole team while also advising on and enriching the artistic process at NAMAKA.