Delphine THIERRY

Freelance perfumer
Composes olfactory notes

Delphine Thierry - Portrait médaillon 3

Conscious as an adolescent of the important role played by smell in discovering and forming a vision of the world, Delphine gravitated towards a career in perfumery early on. After graduating from ISIPCA (Institut Supérieur International de la Parfumerie, Cosmétique et Aromatique), she began working at IFF and Mane (Grasse), a period during which she created perfumes for famous brands including Guerlain.

She then became a freelance perfumer in 2007 and developed her creative talents while working confidentially with high-end brands.

Since the beginning, Delphine has contributed to the NAMAKA vision by creating natural perfumes that are harmonious, balanced and refined. These fragrances are “distinct and different”, embodying the idea of authenticity and the search for beauty. Sharing her sensations with the team, she translates the benefits of the essential oils selected by Lydie Mairot into notes for each fragrance.

At the heart of our creative workshop, each perfume is created individually like a masterpiece, step by step, note by note...