Our story

NAMAKA: A combination of talents as well as natural and elegant creations.

The NAMAKA adventure began on the French Riviera in 2013.

Seduced by the world of home fragrance and convinced that it was possible to create natural beauty and refinement, Charlotte, Maguy and Jean-Marc decided to design and launch a luxury range of natural ambient fragrances.

With their understanding and experience of using essential oils according to their virtues, the trio took on the challenge of producing fragrances using natural raw materials to suit different moods and settings and lead to positive effects on the mind and body.

 A combination of talents and affinities

For this, they decided to bring in Lydie Mairot with her advanced knowledge of aromatherapy and aromachology. While Lydie could provide guidance on which materials to use, they also needed a “nose” who could choose the notes and compose each fragrance while also agreeing to work with only natural raw materials. As soon as they met Delphine Thierry, everything was in place.

 The olfactory creative process began...

Months of reflection, tests and the sharing of sensations followed during which the first fragrances took shape, note by note. After this came a quest for something different, not just in terms of the home fragrance itself but also the object that would hold it. It was this idea that led to what we have called the NAMAKA concept”: the coming together of art and fragrance as imagined by NAMAKA intensifies the pleasure given by each creation.
Discover the exquisite and artistic NAMAKA concept.