Refills and accessories

An exclusive NAMAKA design.

Discover our refills and a range of accessories.

Enter the world of NAMAKA. A fragrance for every mood. Make the most of relaxing or energising moments thanks to accessories that accompany your candle or your limited edition.




Some say beauty is fleeting, just like a candle. But NAMAKA creations never fade. In our quest for the extraordinary, NAMAKA has designed a special refill system that prolongs the life of your objet d'art. Whether you're in love with a particular fragrance or eager to try something new, our candle and fragrance diffuser refills are adapted to suit your NAMAKA scented creation or limited edition as well as your desires.

The liquid perfume refills are available in 200ml bottle with 30 white or black sticks:

Our candles are made from vegetable wax and available in three options:

  • Candle 200g
  • Candle 350g
  • Candle 600g

Using our refills is simple and each comes with a practical guide to help you.




Wick trimmers:

The NAMAKA team has reinterpreted the wick trimmer with this original design. The remodelled version combines tableware and jewellery. Ergonomic and elegant, it complements and enhances your olfactory experience by helping to maximise the diffusion of your candle's fragrance.

Our advice: Before relighting your candle, use the NAMAKA wick trimmer to cut the wick to 0.5-1 cm from the base so that you remove the blackest part. If your wick is too long it will create black smoke. The flame of each candle only reaches a certain height thanks to the type of wax and the diameter of the wick, preventing soot. This is known as the “smoke point”.

Trimming the wick correctly before relighting your candle prevents it creating smoke which will denature your fragrance.



Allumettes bougies

Light and streamlined, NAMAKA matches are an elegant way to light your candle and are also in line with our ecological values. Before relighting your candle, here are a few tips for how to make sure your candle burns and releases its fragrance beautifully.

Our advice: Remove any debris like bits of wick, matches, insects or any other residue that could fall in the wax. These can increase the flow of wax on the wick creating black smoke.

Make sure you place your candle on a flat surface so that the wax melts evenly.

Let your candle burn for at least an hour so that the wax has time to spread to the edges. The candle will then burn down uniformly without leaving deposits on the sides of your creation.

Leaving the candle to burn continuously for more than 3 hours is not recommended as this will:

  • saturate the air with perfume
  • heat the wax too much therefore limiting your candle's burn time
  • risk reaching the candle's “smoking point” when soot is produced

Avoid moving your candle when it is lit: the molten wax may spill and the wick may move out of position or set the wax alight. Finally, keep your candle away from draughts so that it doesn't burn too quickly or unevenly spoiling its aesthetic beauty.


The extinguisher:

Etouffoirs NAMAKA

Designed like a piece of jewellery or a decorative accessory, the extinguisher is an integral part of our range of fragrant creations and also crowns NAMAKA's limited edition candles. It gently extinguishes the flame and protects your candle from dust and other debris when it is not in use.

Our advice: Always put the candle out with your extinguisher. Blowing out the flame is not recommended as splashes of wax may leave marks on your clothing or burn you. Using an extinguisher ensures that smoke is contained and no carbon fumes are released which could pollute the air in your room and affect the diffused fragrance.