Pyramidal Photophores

The NAMAKA pyramidal photophores: a technical challenge for those creations with an exclusive design by NAMAKA.

NAMAKA Pyramidal photophores : Flight towards the Light


You can choose between our different shape of pyramidal photophores.

Two parts Pyramidal Photophore

Just like the iconic translucent pyramid of the Louvre designed by the architect Ieoh Ming Pei, for a better viewing experience, the NAMAKA candle is placed under a cover and is protected by a glass pyramid, perfectly set on the wooden base which supports it, as designed by Maguy Delrieux.

So that the glass pyramidion which makes up the upper part of the pyramid can easily release the candle from its transparent cover, the NAMAKA team has devised a simple, practical, aesthetically pleasing and safe system.

Once the pyramidion has been removed and the candle lit, the entire pyramid can then be transformed into a candle jar bathed in light, creating, through optical and mirror effects, a fascinating and endless kaleidoscope of flames dancing beneath the surface...

The wood pyramidal base of your glass pyramid are customisable in 4 refined and exotic types of wood, covered in a matt varnish for a natural finish:

Oak: capable of reaching 30m in height and living for almost 2,000 years, it symbolises strength and durability, and is recognised as one of the most prestigious types of wood in temperate regions. It has been selected by NAMAKA for its medium, refined colour, its fine-grained appearance and its great strength and hardness.

Sycamore maple: primarily associated with its cousin the sugar maple, the symbol of Canada, the sycamore maple is cultivated mainly in Europe, exhibits a majestic bearing and enchants by its very fashionable lighter pink hue, in keeping with the warm pastel atmosphere of the NAMAKA spirit.

Wenge: growing in the equatorial and tropical regions of Africa, the wenge is a large tree with an irregular bole, attaining up to 25 metres in height. To complete this colour palette, this time NAMAKA has chosen a very dark hardwood because of its unique, contrasting character and its originality.

Walnut: originating in Asia and introduced into Europe and America in the very distant past; a majestic tree, with a straight trunk and a proud bearing, which can live for up to 400 years. Its high quality wood has been used since ancient times in cabinetmaking for the creation of artistic craftsmanship. Its pinkish beige colour and the aesthetic quality of its grain have allowed it to be included among the select few in the NAMAKA range!

A Customised Version for an Extraordinary Piece

True to the NAMAKA concept, the brand’s is offering you the option to customise your creation. You can request a customised quotation by choosing the finishing of your jar "THE SAILS", the type of wood for your base and the fragrance for your candle.

Each request will be studied in detail to comply as closely as possible with your wishes.