Série Limitée les fûts


A product of the traditional knowledge and expertise of master glassmakers, acquired from a long apprenticeship and requiring infinite patience, the technique of mouth-blown glass first appeared in the Middle East around 300 BC.
This ancient Art can give life and volume to the most luxurious objects as they are being made, via manipulation of the molten glass. It involves 12 key manufacturing phases and up to 8 people to complete the artistic product which is shaped entirely by hand, using the glass blow tube.

The NAMAKA team has developed the design of the jar, a refined monolithic holder, cylindrical in shape and perfectly smooth, in close collaboration with master glassmaker Nicolas Laty who has overseen the production and signed off the final artistic collaboration: “NAMAKA by N LATY”.

A festival of a la carte colours

A wide range of oxides has been chosen to colour the glass in its entirety, in order to offer an original, colour-coded thematic range.

Representing more than a dozen diverse colours, in iridescent and shimmering hues. From sky blue to dark green, from light pink to orange black, from amber to bright green, the colours in the NAMAKA range interact in a delicate and subtle way with the light and changing reflections, from the lightest to the darkest, just like our moods.

The “NAMAKA by N LATY” collection comes in 3 different sizes for candles of 200g, 350g and 600g.

Like any of the NAMAKA creations, each candle jar can be customised and a tailored quotation provided in order to offer you an object which corresponds to your own tastes, personality and living space. And for even more advanced customisation, the NAMAKA team can also create your own tailor-made fragrance for you.

The Beautiful, the Useful and the Pleasing from one single creative breath

Each jar is unique and is designed in a minimalist, contemporary style. The NAMAKA coloured glass jar is truly a decorative item which will embellish the interior of your home and offer your guests a moment of relaxation and pleasure. 
This refined and finely-edged diffuser, created in mouth-blown opal glass, creates a perfect harmony between the precious candle it holds and its sober, durable container.

Once your candle is finished, you can use NAMAKA refills according to your own preferences to incorporate a subtle NAMAKA fragrance into each holder, chosen from among the 6 natural fragrances offered in the range.