NAMAKA PYRAMID Limited Edition - N°57


The designer selected by the NAMAKA team has carefully designed a myriad of pyramids, which fit in with each other in a harmonious order. Their elegant three-dimensional decor encircles the jar, which is transformed into a decorative, protective, and timeless object. Each piece has a fine plaster base, is moulded with expert skill, and is made with great care and detail in the NAMAKA workshop.

While the pyramid usually represents the tombs of the Kings and Queens of ancient Egypt, scaled actually or symbolically, it still recalls the ladder or staircase of the founding myths, symbols of the ascent of sophisticated Man, who has managed to achieve the universality, the unity of the essential or inner world.

A symbol of the fire of the Spirit and of knowledge, the pyramid is thus doubly sacred, through the candle which invites a deep inner meditation around its flame and the fragrance given off, helping to preserve this moment of warm and personal intimacy.

A symphony of natural colours

The NAMAKA scented candle, the first product in the collection, aims to offer its original design in several finishes and key colours, based on 100% natural products to create candles in harmony with your image and your decor.

You will be spoilt for choice: candle jars finished in varnish and natural pigments, powders of various metals, stone powder, finely ground and incorporated into the initial composition or covering its outer surface …and the containers are available in several finishes!

Depending on the chosen tints, subdued and original, matt or bright colours combined, all of which are the product of mixing quality natural powders, the "Pyramid" candle (200g) will brighten your interior and immerse you in a nuanced, relaxing atmosphere full of charm.

In harmony with your interior, NAMAKA has developed the "Pyramid” range of candles, customised through an explosion of colours which echo your emotions. In promoting the “nature” spirit, NAMAKA presents, for example, grey and brown, ranging from light to the darkest shades enabling you to immerse yourself in an ambiance combining both plant and mineral.
Or perhaps you need something lighter and more cheerful? NAMAKA offers bright and dynamic hues focused around a variety of particular red shades in order to create a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Natural fragrances for a perfumed ambiance according to your desires

The candles in the NAMAKA 1st limited edition offer you an extraordinary journey of the senses into the heart of an exceptional artistic universe. Genuinely 100% natural concentrate - vegetable wax and cotton wicks, fragrances with essential oils - you will be reinvigorated by their subtle and entrancing nuances. They are long-lasting (burning for approx. 40 hours) and the refills are varied and adapted to each NAMAKA candle jar, allowing you to enjoy these magical moments of well-being for as long as possible, ready to share at any time!


To highlight its first limited edition candle, NAMAKA has designed a wooden base which is also pyramid-shaped and which is available and customisable in 4 refined and exotic types of wood, covered in a matt varnish for a natural finish:

Oak: capable of reaching 30m in height and living for almost 2,000 years, it symbolises strength and durability, and is recognised as one of the most prestigious types of wood in temperate regions. It has been selected by NAMAKA for its medium, refined colour, its fine-grained appearance and its great strength and hardness.

Sycamore maple: primarily associated with its cousin the sugar maple, the symbol of Canada, the sycamore maple is cultivated mainly in Europe, exhibits a majestic bearing and enchants by its very fashionable lighter pink hue, in keeping with the warm pastel atmosphere of the NAMAKA spirit.


Wenge: growing in the equatorial and tropical regions of Africa, the wenge is a large tree with an irregular bole, attaining up to 25 metres in height. To complete this colour palette, this time NAMAKA has chosen a very dark hardwood because of its unique, contrasting character and its originality.


Walnut: originating in Asia and introduced into Europe and America in the very distant past; a majestic tree, with a straight trunk and a proud bearing, which can live for up to 400 years. Its high quality wood has been used since ancient times in cabinetmaking for the creation of artistic craftsmanship. Its pinkish beige colour and the aesthetic quality of its grain have allowed it to be included among the select few in the NAMAKA range!



True to the NAMAKA concept, the brand’s first limited edition is offering you the option to customise your creation. You can request a customised quotation by choosing the colour of your jar, the type of wood for your base and the fragrance for your candle.
Each request will be studied in detail to comply as closely as possible with your wishes.