Glass maker, Sculptor
Town : Biot.

LATY - Portrait médaillon

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NICOLAS LATY – When imagination is telling the story

Non traditional. This is one way you could describe the work of Nicolas Laty. The glass enthusiast discovered the medium through Jean-Claude Novaro when he was just 17. It was genuine love at first sight. The beauty that the sophisticated and delicate medium of glass offered him seduced the artist so much that he made it his principle activity. His first exhibition was held in 1998 thanks to a helping hand from his glassmaker friend. Piece by piece, Nicolas Laty developed a network of galleries that adopted his colourful and off-beat style. Each figure resembling a character from a comic strip comes straight out of his imagination. From Biot and Montpellier to Murano and Shanghai, his creations are travelling widely.

In 2014, the NAMAKA team met the artist who immediately adopted the concept and incorporated the creation of objets d'art in his work. He takes inspiration from traditional forms, reinterpreting them in a humorous way.

Helped by his assistants, Nicolas Laty works tirelessly using the “rope” and cold working techniques to create forms including centipedes and jellyfish. “Its beauty,” confides the artist, “lies in the fact that glass is a stunning and yet frustrating material: there's a permanent desire to be in direct contact with it even though you can't.” The emotion is intense. As soon as the glass is hot, work continues. Attention to detail, patience and daring are key.

Nicolas Laty and NAMAKA: 1 culture, 1 work.

The “Totems” collection by Nicolas Laty for NAMAKA is inspired by the Amerindians' ancestral symbolism representing beings or spirit guides. It is the vital link between humans and nature that is emphasised rather than the sacred. The object itself, which conjures up ideas of protective spirits, is an ode to optimism and happiness. Between the imaginary and the historical, Nicolas Laty sculpts pieces that enlighten us with mischievous smiles on their lips.