Town : Théoule-sur-Mer

Claude Valois portrait médaillon 2

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CLAUDE VALOIS – Creativity “with four scraps of metal”

The story of Claude Valois' talent is a humorous one. Influenced by his heroes César and Tinguely, the artist has a background in entertainment and worked in the leisure industry for almost 40 years after completing his technical studies. Life's many twists and turns led him to retire in the South of France and become close to his sister again who had been living for many years in Brazil. An exhibition happened to be held in Saint-Tropez so Claude Valois and his sister turned their attention back to pure creation. Their work “L'Oeuf” made out of recycled machinery was an instant hit and was bought by a German tourist. With this initial success came not only a comfortable life but a steady flow of clients all demanding that Claude exhibit new works. The artist now exports pieces all over the world from Saint Raphaël, Cannes and Monaco to Osaka.

It was during an exhibition that he made an important acquaintance out of the blue: that of “Madame Delrieux”. A human connection was forged and the friendship blossomed over time with the result that Claude Valois decided to design objets d’art for NAMAKA. He creates things of beauty, nervously awaits the reaction of the public, feels vulnerable and yet takes pleasure in this process. Ultimately, the most important thing is to please the eye.

Claude Valois and NAMAKA: Between strength and gentleness

“Designed for outdoors but also for living spaces.” The works created by Claude Valois are full of surprises: the beauty of recycled materials and the idea of renewal thanks to their rich history. Balanced and refined, the artist's first pieces for NAMAKA suit both indoor and outdoor spaces. Each of them has been designed to bridge the gap between the practical and intellectual dimensions of each individual.