Stonemason, sculptor
Town: Saint-Paul de Vence

JEANBLANC - Portrait médaillon

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CHRISTOPHE JEANBLANC – The art of conveying meaning through stone

Originally from Vosges, Christophe JEANBLANC discovered that he had an affinity for drawing early on. He headed to a school for stonemasons and became specialised as an engraver. The artist has been sharing his knowledge as a professor in Saint Paul de Vence for the last fifteen years; a period of great enrichment for him. With a keen interest in collaboration, he has been involved in numerous voluntary projects.

One day, Christophe Jeanblanc crossed paths with a racing driver training for a race and carved a life-size model of a car for him. This first client was none other than Michael Schumacher. The doors opened and he received many commissions, notably for the Monaco Grand Prix. He now holds exhibitions and discovery workshops with his partner, the manager of a guest house. The Palais Nikaia, La Foire de Nice and the Hôtel Metropole in Monaco have all bought works from him inspired by his heroes Rodin and Claudel... an achievement in itself.

The artist carves straight into the stone guided only by his feeling for it. Eventually, a great work emerges. A keen observer of humankind and nature, he takes the whole world as his inspiration. He quickly felt an affinity with the NAMAKA concept and went on to work on a piece that combines sculpture with aromatherapy candles. “Sculpture is therapeutic. It creates a feeling of wellbeing and being at one with yourself. The pleasure of creation and the creation of pleasure.”

Christophe Jeanblanc and NAMAKA: Plunging towards the light

Stone is like a metaphor for life. A natural and living element, stone reflects humanity. Rough and untouched like youth or polished and smooth like age, the beauty of Christophe Jeanblanc's works lies in their touch. There is no aim, only the immediate feeling. The artist's first scented objets d’art for NAMAKA will set your imagination and senses on fire.