The Ourika Valley (Morocco)

EL YOUSSI - Portrait médaillon

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ABDELHAQ EL YOUSSI – Art links directly to the heart

Adhelhaq El Youssi's creative work can be summed up in just two words: sharing and love. The artist grew up in Morocco and was fascinated by art from a young age. Despite this, he began a career in a cement works in Dakar. An environment which would go on to influence his artistic world.

He met a young German painter who invited him to travel across the country and then to Mali... Destiny led him to discover a talented Malian artist from whom he learnt a great deal. He was inspired by his travels and all he saw: music, cultures and passers by. Abdelhaq El Youssi finds inspiration in everything that surrounds him at any moment.

What interests him most is working with materials in relief (iron, recycled metal and fabrics) but he is also drawn to the street. The “performer” thinks of art as something that should be shared and this is why he has set up public workshops. His creative process is unpredictable as the iron is resistant; he has to “gently bend it to his will”. Often, the initial idea fades away and is replaced by another. Creation always involves an element of surprise. He exports his works all over West Africa, Europe and the US with great success.

Divine and yet accessible, the artist's folk-inspired creations represent people who love life. “Art links directly to the heart: giving more means you receive more.”

Abdelhaq El Youssi and NAMAKA: From one shore to another

Surprising and varied, Abdelhaq El Youssi's creations reflect creative people who let their inner eccentricities surface.  The combination of different materials emphasises the angles, corners and mechanisms of the works. Designed as “a talking point”, they provide amusement and a feast of light for the eyes with their flickering flames. Discover the first pieces created by the artist for NAMAKA which capture all the sun's warmth and conviviality.